Wow Your Customers with Value Added Services

Unsurprisingly, as of April e-commerce orders have seen a 129% YOY growth in the U.S. and Canada and 146% growth in all online retail orders. U.S. e-commerce sales will hit a projected $709.78 billion in 2020, or about 14.5% of total U.S. retail sales, up from $601.65 billion, or about 11% of total retail sales, since 2019. Stay at home orders have changed the way consumers buy. They no longer need to visit a brick and mortar store to buy things, rather, they can go online to window shop and make purchases. And these habits are likely here to stay through the holidays. What does that mean for your business? It means more orders! And with the holidays coming up it’s only going to get busier. Are you offering gift wrapping? Special inserts in each shipment? Easy returns? At NRI we provide extensive value added services to make the holidays special for your customers.

NRI is known for our ability to provide flexible solutions to all our clients. Whether it’s a customized report, pre-ticketing, kitting projects, quality assessment, and more – we work with our clients to provide easy solutions to any challenges.

Additionally, Value-Added-Services requirements can be applied at the SKU level automatically for instances where only certain items are to receive a special treatment, such as unique product launches or premium item purchases.

We are adding to our list of offered Value-Added-Services all the time and will happily do these for you and your customers. Let us know today how we can help you with your challenges.

Leading Ladies – Meet Deisy

Leading Lady, Deisy

Deisy started at NRI in 2012 as a warehouse receiving clerk. After working hard and showing her care for our clients, she moved into a role managing client accounts and eventually becoming the leader of our Los Angeles Client Services team.

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Leading Ladies – Meet Sindy

Leading Lady, Sindy

Sindy started at NRI in 2015 as a Client Services Coordinator. From there, she has worked her way through the ranks and quickly became the Distribution Center Manager in Fontana. Recently, she was recognized for her hard work and dedication and was promoted to General Manager for the facilities in the Inland Empire.

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Leading Ladies – Meet Amanda

Leading Lady, Amanda

Amanda is our Canadian Accounts Services Manager based in Kamloops, BC. She works with both internal and external teams to ensure a smooth integration of new partners, and is key front-line support for all our clients. Amanda strives to provide the ultimate client experience with a focus on partnership, solutions and fairness.

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Leading Ladies – Meet Shanon

Leading Lady, Shanon

Shanon is the Distribution Center Manager in Kamloops, BC.  She’s been with NRI for over 15 years and two maternity leaves.  Shanon is a major asset to our Kamloops facilities – ensuring they run smoothly and all clients are happy.

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Leading Ladies – Meet Avelyn

Leading Lady, Avelyn

Avelyn was one of NRI USA’s first employees.  After leaving for a short stint at another company, she returned to NRI where she continues to be a key asset in our success.  She has held a number of roles, most recently as Systems Project Manager.  Avelyn leads the systems integration process, helping our clients integrate seamlessly with NRI to ensure efficient and accurate operations.  With the support of NRI’s leadership, she decided to move closer to family and currently works remotely from Idaho.

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Leading Ladies – Meet Tamira

Leading Lady, Tamira

Meet Tamira, Talent Acquisition Specialist based out of the Los Angeles office. She’s been with NRI since 2018, starting as a People Experience Advisor. Since starting at NRI, she has been an integral part of hiring our talent.

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