Holiday Shopping Season Readiness

NRI Kamloops warehouse holiday shopping season

Are you ready for the holiday shopping season?

There have been many challenges this year, but we are determined to not let the holiday shopping season be a challenge for NRI. Months in advance of today, we began working with our clients to prepare for the biggest holiday shopping season of the year. Here are a few things we’ve done to ensure things run smoothly for us and our partners.


We’ve focused intently with our partners on a crucial part of a successful holiday shopping season: forecasting. We spoke with our partners on their initial plans to gain further detail on expectations, looked at daily and weekly through end-of-year estimates, and asked our partners to share details and identify promotions around freight services or gift with purchase programs.


We’ve scaled our hiring of full-time, in-house employees to ensure that we have quality staffing to carry our partners through the madness and into 2021. We’ve developed retention initiatives as well as diversified shift ranges. Our operations run 7-days a week and we have placed employees throughout all our warehouses where needed. We built overtime schedules to cover peak processing days and, as always, have ensured the safety of all employees due to COVID-19.

Automation and Solutions

We have invested in additional automation which will allow us to significantly increase order throughput in all facilities. We have encouraged our partners to consider suppression of packing slips and excessive packaging to consider both the environmental impact as well as speed of processing.

Carrier Constraints

Our freight partners are experiencing their own challenges this season and are a critical element of the supply chain.  We worked with carriers on developing plans to mitigate the anticipated challenges we expected during peak season. We worked with our partners to prepare and meter expectations in verbiage on their sites and with their customers. We recognized the opportunity to “flatten the curve” with promotional periods and made use of capacity within the carrier network in advance.


We understand the importance of proper planning, staffing, and expectations throughout the holiday shopping season. With our amazing partners, we are stronger together.  To learn more, please contact us at