What approaches do you use to meet the unique needs and expectations of clients at NRI?  

At NRI, meeting the unique needs and expectations of our clients is akin to orchestrating a symphony where each instrument plays a crucial role. Like a great game of Tetris, NRI and our clients rely on each other for true success. In the spirit of Tetris, where each piece is unique, our team members, both internal and external, bring their distinct strengths to the table, fitting into the overall puzzle in their own way. To grow and become stronger, we must always take a collaborative approach to align and work together. Every missing piece is a potential for opportunity down the road and by filling those gaps, we reach true efficiency.  

How would you describe your approach to help grow the brands you work with?  

Crafting a strategy to foster the growth of the brands we work with at NRI involves a multifaceted and dynamic approach. Since NRI has been a longstanding solutions provider, I’ve found that taking this type of individualistic approach has been successful.  

Our method involves a meticulous examination of the intricacies of each brand. We delve into the specific challenges and opportunities unique to them, ensuring a tailor-made approach. By tailoring and tweaking processes, while at the same time maintaining the overarching goals, we can meet and exceed the expectations of our clients.  

How do you foster and maintain positive relationships with clients and what strategies do you implement to ensure long-term client satisfaction and loyalty? 

For myself, working with clients doesn’t always constitute work – it’s more a perk of working at NRI. I love getting to know my clients from all over the world and learning about their unique personalities. One of the things that makes NRI stand apart from other 3PLs is our desire to build and grow our relationships with our clients. Getting to know each of them on a more personal level has always been important to me to foster these relationships and maintain positivity. I strive to keep communication lines open, regardless of the type of discussions we need to have. 

How do you proactively identify opportunities for strengthening client relationships?

I am constantly looking for opportunities to strengthen client relationships. This can include anything from updating our internal process documents, presenting process improvement ideas, recommending changes for efficiencies, and prioritizing effectively. 

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