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Meet Avelyn Warren, NRI’s Director of Integrations & Technical Projects. In her role, Avelyn facilitates and supports both our systems integration and technical project teams; ensuring both teams have the resources and guidance needed to onboard and maintain new and existing client relationships. Her role involves overseeing the planning and implementation of projects and ensuring they align with NRI’s business needs and objectives. We’re asking the expert how she fosters a collaborative and supportive environment for all stakeholders involved:  


As Director of Integrations & Technical Projects, what are your main responsibilities?  

In my role at NRI, I am responsible for managing client integrations. This involves reviewing enterprise resource planning (ERP) documentation, providing feedback on the system’s needs, and recommending process changes as necessary. I am dedicated to ensuring timely project completion and working closely with our software product team to slot each scope of work effectively. Additionally, I collaborate with the technology team to focus on project deliverables – ensuring that all aspects align with the project charter and scope of work documents developed in collaboration with stakeholders. My responsibilities span the entire project lifecycle, from initial planning to execution, with a key focus on maintaining seamless integration and delivering high-quality solutions for our clients at NRI. 


Tell us about your NRI journey transitioning from client experience to technology. 

I began my journey with NRI in 2012, as the Client Services Manager out of our first USA-based facility. As the Client Services Manager, I developed a solid foundation in client relations, problem-solving, and team management over several years. With an eye for opportunity and a thirst for growth, I leveraged that role to delve into the technical aspects of our clients’ ERP systems and learned the fundamentals of how their order management system interacted with our software suite – Aspire. I transitioned to the IT team in 2018 as the Systems Integrations Manager. Taking on this new role allowed for a deeper immersion into the technical aspects of the business – gaining expertise in systems integration, project management, and technology implementation. Over the next six years, we assembled a stellar team of integration specialists – each bringing over 20 years of combined technical and client experience to the table. This collaborative effort further fortified our organization’s foundation, positioning us for growth and success in the dynamic world of systems and technical projects. It’s been a journey of learning, growth, and collective achievement – and I’m proud to be a part of it. 


How does technology play a crucial role in the supply chain? 

Technology is like the unsung hero of the supply chain – it works behind the scenes quietly, making everything smoother. From tracking inventory in real-time to optimizing rates for shipments; technology ensures that goods flow seamlessly from manufacturer to consumer. Automated systems minimize errors, and data analytics help predict demand – preventing overstock or shortages. It’s like having a super-efficient conductor orchestrating a complex symphony of logistics! 


What are the key software solutions that you and your team work with? 

Oh, we’ve got quite the tech medley going on! When it comes to customer support, Zendesk takes the spotlight. In the realm of our organizational expertise, we’ve got integrations built to ERPs such as Xorosoft, Cin7, Apparel Magic, Full Circle, Netsuite, BrightPearl, SAP, MS Dynamics,and Exenta – to name just a few. And to top it off, we’re cruising through web platforms like Shopify and WooCommerce, with return platforms like Loop and Narvar in tow. It’s like a tech carnival, and we’ve got all the cool rides! 


Do you have any advice for a potential client not yet with a 3PL on how they could best prepare from a systems standpoint? 

For a smooth transition into the world of 3PL, it’s crucial to first gain a deep understanding of your existing system and business workflows. Clean and organized data is the foundation for successful integration with a third-party logistics provider. If there are any manual processes in your current operations, consider automating them to enhance efficiency – as automation is a reliable ally in the logistics realm. Additionally, when selecting an ERP system, opt for one that not only meets your current needs but can also scale seamlessly with your business growth – ensuring it remains equipped for future demands and complexities. This proactive approach will position your company for a more streamlined and effective partnership with a 3PL. 

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