Bad Birdie joined the NRI family in 2023 and has become more than a brand in the golf space. Bad Birdie set out to disrupt the status quo, offering golfers something they’d never experienced before- bold polos that not only turned heads but also invited a new community of players to the game.

Today, as Bad Birdie continues to grow, their impact on the sport is undeniable. Their commitment to maintaining the energy of their early days while pushing the boundaries of golf apparel is a testament to their dedication to moving the sport forward into a more innovative and inclusive space. 

Based in Scottsdale, Arizona, Bad Birdie’s sole objective is clear: to continue to show golfers what the game can be. Their designs are not just distinctive; they’re disruptive. Each product is a statement piece, crafted with standout designs, patterns, and colors on the highest quality materials available. 

What distinguishes Bad Birdie is their fearless approach to design. They understand that in golf, as in life, taking risks is essential for progress. This ethos permeates their design philosophy, resulting in eye-catching and unconventional golf polo shirts on the market. 

Bad Birdie is committed to quality in everything they do. Each product is made with premium fabric that not only feels amazing but also provides moisture-wicking performance—a godsend on those sunny days out on the course.  

We are proud to partner with Bad Birdie as they continue to push boundaries in golf wear. From bold designs to commitment to innovation, Bad Birdie isn’t just selling apparel; they’re shaping the future of the sport. So, here’s to Bad Birdie—the brand that’s proving that in golf, as in life, it pays to be bold. 

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