In addition to sponsoring and volunteering at the 2023 BC Special Olympics, NRI had the privilege of cheering on our very own, Aaron Lansdown-Sorenson where he took home the gold in bowling!

The Special Olympics Bowling Event helped kick off the 2023 games, which ran February 2 – 4 in Aaron’s hometown of Kamloops. He earned first high individual with a 231 score and his team placed an impressive fourth overall.

“I had so much fun seeing my friends and getting to compete with my team.” – Aaron Lansdown-Sorenson

Aaron has been playing basketball, softball, and bowling for over 22 years and couldn’t have debuted his Olympic career a better way!

“We here at NRI Kamloops are so proud of Aaron; for winning a gold medal in bowling this year at the BC Special Olympics. Aaron is the epitome of a great athlete. He competes not to win but to meet other people from around BC. Winning is just a bonus. Keep smiling Aaron!” – Sherry Makarra, Operations Supervisor

Aaron has worked out of our KF distribution center since 2012 as a warehouse helper. We are so happy to have Aaron at #TeamNRI and can’t wait to root for him in future sporting endeavors! Click here to read more about NRI’s Special Olympic involvement.