Carson International is a Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder with over 50 years providing Canadian and US customers with global trade solutions. They are a leader in creating solutions to suit the unique needs of each client, and in adapting to the continuous changes in the trade environment. The team at Carson is passionate about putting client needs first and embracing innovation to enhance brands and their operational procedures.

The professional relationship between the founders of both NRI and Carson extends back decades prior to NRI’s founding. When NRI began in 1996, we committed to a mindset of always helping clients find the best partner, even if outside of NRI’s scope of services. It was Carson’s mirror approach to business that led to both teams confidently recommending the other to growing brands. NRI strongly believes that Carson’s specialized solutions help our clients optimize their operational procedures, save costs and increase efficiency. Together, we make our clients’ supply chains as simple, reliable, and cost effective as possible.

“The founders of NRI and their Executive team think, act and behave like the Executive team at Carson, constantly relying on their problem-solving skills versus selling their services. The same skill set we started with 25 years ago continues today. Services are evolving to meet the ever-changing needs of global brands.” – Dave Pentland, Senior VP of Client Services, Carson International 

NRI and Carson both see partnerships as a vital component of success. Through collaboration and information sharing, leveraging our collective strengths have brought new insights and opportunities to deliver to our clients. Carson and NRI’s strong integration capabilities enable us to provide accountability and give our brands the peace of mind to focus on a successful path forward. Our values and approach to business are naturally aligned, making our scalable solutions seamless. NRI and Carson International are pioneering a new level of logistical services together.

“My relationship with Carson, and in particular Rick and Dave, predates the founding of NRI. We have always shared a similar approach to business, being customer obsessed and happiest breaking into new markets. We entered the action sports market together and worked closely in launching numerous brands in the Canadian market from the mid-nineties to today. We continue to enjoy the partnership which is now embedded in each organization serving North America.” Peter McKenna, CEO & Founder

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