C3 is a world-renowned snow brand where every binding detail is carefully crafted, and each board is designed with a purpose. C3 was formed in 2002 to foster and distribute three innovative young brands, CAPiTA, Coal, and UNION with a rich legacy in snowboard culture and product development. Once the founding partners united, C3 evolved into the progressive voice now known throughout snowboarding as C3.

Like many established businesses, C3’s biggest challenge was shipping out orders efficiently, and the inevitable impact these factors have on customers and staff. C3 began searching for a partner in fulfillment to support their brand growth and allow their teams to focus on core competencies of product innovation and connecting with customers. They aimed to find a 3PL that would drive increased productivity and have a means of measuring improvements and tracking progress. In 2019, C3 needed a 3PL provider who could keep up with the growth of their brands, so they called on NRI. NRI and the founders of C3 had a 30-year history prior to the partnership, so our team was able to swiftly scale up the operation and build a strategic partnership for long-term shared growth.

“NRI seems more like an extension of C3 than a 3PL. Management and customer service at NRI are amazing. We talk to real people who have been with NRI for 10+ years. They can handle anything we throw at them with solutions and an eager attitude.” – Cynthia Lykins, Operations Manager

NRI’s history in the industry meant a pre-formed understanding of C3’s customer base and helped NRI in swiftly optimizing the best service and freight solutions. By having minimal shipping errors, shrinkage and customer charge backs, C3 significantly increased their ship times and customer satisfaction. Creating a fulfillment and optimization-driven approach not only made things easier but also cut costs.

“Our business and friendship roots run 28 years deep with the team at C3. Since 1995 we have worked together through a variety of brand relationships. It’s the people behind the business who are key to enjoyable and successful partnerships.” – Peter McKenna, CEO & Founder

NRI created tremendous efficiencies, including fulfilling orders at a fast rate and affordable cost in a much more efficient environment. As a result, C3 looks forward to many more years of partnering with NRI as their brands continue to grow.

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