Founded in 1985, Globe International Limited is a universal producer and distributor specializing in purpose-built apparel, footwear, and skateboard hardgoods (decks, wheels, trucks, etc.) for board sports, street fashion, outdoor, and workwear markets with products sold in more than 100 countries worldwide. Globe has both developed its own brands and maintained a handful of third-party brands you know and love: Globe, Salty Crew, Impala Skate, Szade, and FXD Workwear.

Globe and NRI’s colorful history began 22 years ago, shortly after the skate brand established their US operation in Los Angeles and quickly became a key player on the global landscape. To sustain its rapid growth, Globe turned to NRI to extend logistical support in Canada. NRI became Globe’s exclusive fulfillment partner in Canada, which eased international business. As the years progressed, Globe continued to expand its brands and our team has pushed boundaries and experimented with solutions to maintain an excellent partnership.

“Our relationship with the team at Globe epitomizes why we often find our clients feeling more like family. Through the past two+ decades, NRI and Globe have faced and solved many challenges together – often with extra sweat but always with a smile. Through industry ups and downs, with a common goal. NRI looks forward to the next couple of decades.” – Ryan Dale-Johnson, NRI VP Sales

What started as one of NRI’s initial clients has grown into a double decade-long partnership we continue to cultivate. Globe’s varied product mix sees NRI managing 5000 SKUs or more in a typical year. In addition to wholesale and D2C orders, we also manage their returns, which has allowed us to deliver intuitive order fulfillment. These scalable solutions have resulted in a seamless and trusting partnership.

“NRI’s responsive and seamless approach takes away the worry of any fulfillment issues. We’ve built that trust and always know they are going to deliver… we’ve been partners for so long that NRI is really part of our operational ecosystem.” John Sherwood • VP of Sales @ Globe.

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