In 2009, the Cormack brothers approached NRI for logistics help for a new brand they were starting – Herschel Supply Co. Lyndon and Jamie Cormack were already familiar with NRI due to NRI’s fulfillment of brands that they were sales reps for in Canada. They trusted NRI to manage this key element in the success of their new business venture.

NRI manages Herschel’s fulfillment for all channels in both the USA and Canada. From its launch as a start-up brand with limited sophistication and volume to now being a globally significant and complex company, Herschel has partnered with NRI to ensure success in its deliveries to customers. NRI has been able to provide the scalability required for a burgeoning brand, and nimble adaptation as new markets and demands have emerged.  NRI’s facilities on both the east and west coasts of both countries provide Herschel with complete outbound fulfillment as well as reverse logistics.

“NRI is a trusted partner and extension of our Herschel team. We depend on all four corners of North American distribution to deliver Omni-channel service to our customers. NRI works fluidly with changing market conditions to provide first-class vendor compliance and fulfillment.” – Brian White • SVP Global Sales @ Herschel Supply Co.

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