After finding success painting helmets in his parent’s garage for family and friends, Troy Lee Designs quickly became a catalyst in the riding apparel industry and is regarded today as the premier custom helmet paint shop across the globe. When exponential growth led to logistical growing pains, Troy Lee Designs (TLD) sought out a 3PL provider with the experience and resources to accommodate a growing business.

NRI and TLD kicked off a partnership in August 2019. The primary objective was to build a sustainable strategy to allow distribution across multiple channels throughout Canada. Throughout the partnership, NRI has leveraged scalable solutions to support TLD’s strategic expansion so they can better serve their customers and solidify their position in the marketplace.

“Based on a long and successful history with NRI at previous brands, creating a partnership with NRI to support Troy Lee Design’s strategic growth was a decision that we were very confident in. TLD is seeing substantial increases in demand within Canada, and we are requiring a partner that can not only can support this growth, but has the skill set, culture and discipline to provide pro-active solutions in order to position us a premium level partner with our customer base.  NRI has also provided TLD solutions here in the U.S. that allow us to successfully navigate unique and unforeseen challenges that have occurred over the last few years.” Dutch Shultz, Chief Operating Officer

Through our ability to offer flexible solutions, TLD continues to take the business to new heights across the globe. TLD’s monthly shipping volume with NRI has nearly tripled in size since 2019. With these custom solutions built specifically for their needs, TLD and NRI have become a true partnership.

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