Mike and Jeremy founded Ciele Athletics in 2014 with the tagline “everybody run”. After managing their fulfillment in-house for many years and experiencing tremendous growth, they began the search for a 3PL partner who could support their growth, increase efficiency, and support a variable cost structure. They knew their investments were best directed to brand building than towards software or warehouse space. Most importantly, they were looking for a partner who focused on fulfilling apparel.

NRI proposed a solution that addressed their short-term needs as well as their expansion plans. NRI’s value proposition consisted of a seamless continuation of the client brand experience, efficient services levels, and a CS (Client Services) team based in the same building as their product. CS ensures that receipts and orders flow efficiently through to completion and respond to daily operational questions. NRI provides Ciele Athletics with an organized forecast process to optimize planning while reducing labor costs. They have 24/7 access to NRI’s web portal for live updates on order status, inventory levels, and tracking information. The portal also provides several additional reports that aid in brand management.

“Partnering with NRI to streamline our logistics and fulfillment goals as well as our customer-facing goals has been a positive ongoing collaborative effort. We look forward to growing with them for years to come.” Mike GilesCo-Founder + Vice President @ Ciele Athletics

Creating lasting partnerships with brands like Ciele is what we do best! Contact us tody to get started.

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