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Sustainability in Every Step

Freewaters: Sustainability in Every Step 

Freewaters, the Southern California-based casual footwear brand, is carving a remarkable path in the world of footwear by intertwining comfort, sustainability, and social responsibility. Since its inception in 2011 by industrial designers Eli Marmar and Martin Kim, Freewaters has stood out for its innovative and eco-friendly approach to crafting sandals, shoes, and slippers that cater to global citizens with a passion for adventure and everyday comfort. 

One of Freewaters’ defining features is its unwavering commitment to eco-consciousness. The brand’s footwear range boasts an array of vegan options, including flip-flops and sneakers, all carefully designed using recycled and sustainable materials. For instance, the vegan flip flops feature faux-leather and recycled foam footbeds, ensuring both style and all-day comfort. The brand’s vegan sneakers for men and women, made from recycled materials, offer a perfect blend of breathability and support, making them ideal for various activities. 

The brand’s eco-friendly sandals and shoes are crafted using 100% water-based adhesives and PVC-free components. Additionally, their Supreem sandal line showcases a proprietary blend of EVA foam with exceptional rebound properties, reducing the foam’s tendency to wear out. This focus on materials culminates in a collection that is not only fashionable and comfortable but also environmentally responsible. 

What truly sets Freewaters apart is its deep-rooted commitment to social impact. With a belief that clean water is a basic human right, the brand allocates one percent of its gross sales to support clean water projects in water-stressed regions worldwide. Freewaters has funded the completion of 36 water wells in Kenya, 16 rainwater cisterns in Haiti, and provided water filtration systems to 2 schools in Nicaragua, providing clean drinking water to thousands of people daily. This mission-driven approach reflects the brand’s name, signifying that water truly sets us free. 

Freewaters’ success story isn’t just about footwear; it’s about a holistic approach to sustainability, comfort, and social change. Freewaters is setting an example for brands to take a stand for something greater, demonstrating that change starts with conscious choices, one step at a time. We’re thrilled to have Freewaters as a client, as their unwavering commitment to social and environmental responsibility echoes our own values, fostering a collaboration that extends beyond business to meaningful societal impact.

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