Embrace the KAVU Lifestyle with True Outdoor Wear 

KAVU embodies a lifestyle that’s not just about existing, but thriving, and reveling in the journey. With a firm belief that joy should infuse every facet of life, KAVU presents a dynamic collection of outdoor wear, stylish bags, wallets, and accessories. These offerings are more than just expressions of personal style; they’re a celebration of the sheer delight in living life to its fullest. The name “KAVU” signifies more – an aviation acronym for “clear above visibility unlimited,” a representation of endless opportunities on the horizon. KAVU strives to make every day exceptional, inspiring you to embrace invigorating experiences that bring smiles and create lasting memories. Established in 1993 in Seattle as a passion project, KAVU has evolved into a global sensation, encapsulating the sheer exuberance of embracing life without hesitation. 

Empowering Adventure, Embracing Sustainability 

KAVU’s ethos stretches beyond fashion and into environmental stewardship and community upliftment. From its inception, KAVU has been dedicated to safeguarding the planet and creating positive ripples. In 2013 KAVU began its journey to sustainability throughout its operations – from sourcing and manufacturing to packaging. KAVU has diligently sought to diminish its ecological footprint, tracing each phase from raw materials to the finished product. This unwavering commitment to ecological accountability seamlessly intertwines with their goal of crafting innovative, vibrant gear that not only equips adventurers with style but also with a conscientious spirit. 

Their product range, spanning from apparel to accessories, resonates with individuals who seek authenticity, adventure, and the thrill of the great outdoors. KAVU understands that life isn’t meant to be lived passively; it’s about embracing challenges, finding joy in every moment, and celebrating your unique journey. With a fusion of durability, comfort, and style, KAVU’s creations empower you to seize the day – whether conquering the wilderness or relaxing at your favorite hangout. More than just clothing and gear, KAVU encapsulates the mindset of a community that values happiness, innovative thinking, athleticism, and the unquenchable thirst for living life to the brim. 

Just as KAVU’s outdoor wear ignites a sense of adventure, our partnership is a testament to the possibilities shared. As we journey together, we’re ever excited to combine our efforts to inspire and enhance the lives of those who dare to embrace each day as a KAVU Day. 

“KAVU signed up with NRI when we decided to reenter the Canadian market after many years out of the market.  The entire team from onboarding, data transmission, inbound receiving to outbound shipping and invoicing was amazing.  The professionalism and accountability have made our reentry back into the market a true success.  NRI is a truly professional team and that is what we need to be successful for our dealers and the market in Canada”.

– Barry Barr, KAVU President and CEO

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