Since 2012, Sunski has been a beacon of innovation and sustainability in the sunglass industry, inspiring a community of outdoor enthusiasts to embrace the natural world while minimizing their impact on it. Based in the heart of San Francisco, California, Sunski has carved its niche by seamlessly blending design excellence, environmental consciousness, and a commitment to grassroots engagement. 

At the core of Sunski’s ethos is the belief in celebrating the simple pleasures of outdoor living, and their sunglasses are designed to enhance those moments. Every pair of shades embodies the company’s dedication to quality, style, and comfort without the hefty price tag. What truly sets Sunski apart is its unswerving focus on sustainability. The brand has diligently cultivated a sustainable sunglass solution, crafting frames from its proprietary recycled material. This material not only exhibits the durability and comfort synonymous with Sunski but also significantly reduces the carbon footprint of each pair of shades. 

Sunski’s sustainable efforts extend beyond its frames. The brand’s packaging, ingeniously constructed with plastic-free, recycled materials, showcases its dedication to minimizing waste. Sunski’s environmental commitment is demonstrated through its pledge to donate one percent of sales to environmental causes and to offset its carbon footprint entirely, making them a leader in the movement for corporate climate responsibility. 

From polarized lenses that provide optimum sun protection to universal, comfortably fitting frames that stay in place during all-day wear, Sunski is an embodiment of performance and style. With a focus on repairability, Sunski offers replacement lenses for all styles, ensuring that a scratched lens doesn’t equate to a discarded pair of sunglasses. 

As their partnership with NRI continues to thrive over the past two years, their remarkable commitment to crafting the best sunglasses for earth-conscious adventurers remains an inspiration, casting a bright light on the path toward a more sustainable future.

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