Meet Anarita, one of the shining stars of our accounts team at NRI. Bursting with enthusiasm, a love for logistics, and a personality that can light up any room, Anarita brings a unique blend of experience in logistics and finance. Her journey at NRI reflects her adventurous spirit and desire to learn, contributing to the vibrant culture at NRI. 

Before NRI, Anarita’s professional journey involved working extensively in logistics and finance within the automotive industry. Her academic background in science added an extra layer to her diverse skill set. Fueled by a love for cars and an insatiable appetite for learning, Anarita seized the opportunity to join NRI during the pandemic, marking a pivotal moment in her career. 

In 2021 Anarita joined NRI as a valuable member of our customer service team, stationed in our Brampton, Ontario facility. Her enthusiasm and dedication led her to transition into a role as an account executive on our accounts team in April 2022. She kicked off her NRI journey with hands-on training in Kamloops, BC, alongside the brilliant minds at NRI, making it a memorable start to her exciting role. 

NRI’s solutions-based approach is what Anarita gravitated toward. “When someone presents us with a challenge, we do not shy away – we work collaboratively to find the best solution for our partners. There are so many business models and industries that we work with which keeps us always moving forward and learning. At NRI we truly value the relationships and partnerships we build which makes it feel like we aren’t just NRI employees, we are an extension of your business and part of your brand’s family”, said Anarita.

During her time at NRI, Anarita has experienced a variety of facets at NRI including traveling to all regions and hands-on experience with startup initiatives in Toronto and Pennsylvania. Joining the accounts team has been a highlight, exposing her to various business models and fostering collaboration within a fantastic team. Anarita plays a crucial role in managing client partnerships, KPI reporting, business reviews, relationship building, and high-level problem-solving. Her responsibilities extend to shaping business strategy, supporting partner growth, and ensuring seamless collaboration across departments for optimal solutions. 

Beyond her professional pursuits, Anarita is a culinary enthusiast who loves exploring Toronto’s food scene with friends and family. She also enjoys attending concerts and has a penchant for collecting sneakers, showcasing her diverse interests and vibrant personality. 

Anarita aligns strongly with NRI’s core values, especially emphasizing the importance of investing in relationships, fairness in all interactions, and maintaining quality and accountability in every action. These values serve as the foundation of her role, ensuring partners feel valued and supported, while also infusing a sense of pride and excitement in the work she does. 

Anarita’s journey at NRI exemplifies the spirit of continuous learning, collaboration, and a genuine passion for building meaningful relationships in the logistics industry. We are proud to have her as a valuable member of the NRI family! 

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