Meet General Manager, Anna Anido– one of the many driving forces behind our success at NRI. With an impressive 30-year journey in the supply chain field, specifically in consumer goods and apparel distribution, Anna brings unparalleled expertise and infectious enthusiasm to the workplace. Her dedication to fostering a supportive environment, coupled with her passion for nurturing talent, makes her an invaluable asset to our organization. 

Anna’s career in logistics has been nothing short of remarkable. Having been involved in multiple start-ups, she possesses a comprehensive understanding of every facet of distribution operations. Her primary background of focus has been in customer service and serving as the liaison between operations and IT for new system testing and rollout. Her thirst for knowledge about new technologies and their potential to enhance efficiency underscores her commitment to empowering associates and optimizing facility performance.  

For the last two years, Anna has served as the General Manager of two of our California distribution centers. Her leadership and dedication have significantly contributed to the success and growth of our operations in these regions. As General Manager, Anna’s primary role is to cultivate an environment where associates can learn, excel, and find personal fulfillment in their work. She places great emphasis on exceeding client expectations while ensuring the well-being and professional development of her team. 

Anna’s decision to join NRI was influenced by NRI’s reputation and the remarkable opportunities offered for career advancement. She felt aligned with NRI’s values and commitment to nurturing talent. Today Anna fosters a collaborative environment where every associate has the chance to thrive. Anna’s commitment to nurturing relationships and promoting leadership at all levels perfectly aligns with NRI’s core values. She believes in investing in every associate, regardless of their position, to prepare them for future leadership roles. The proximity of NRI’s California facilities provides unique opportunities for growth and advancement, reflecting the organization’s dedication to supporting its team members’ career journeys. 

One of the highlights of Anna’s journey at NRI has been her involvement in the implementation of the innovative 6RS Chuck project. This exciting venture into autonomous mobile robots marked a significant milestone in her professional growth, further solidifying her reputation as a forward-thinking leader. 

Beyond the workplace, Anna is a passionate foodie who loves exploring different cuisines and discovering new restaurants. Her love for travel and wine tasting adds an adventurous flair to her life outside of work. With roots in the Philippines, Anna cherishes spending time with her extensive family and friends, sharing meals and cheering on her sons’ sporting endeavors. 

Anna embodies the spirit of excellence and camaraderie that defines NRI. Her dedication to empowering others and driving success makes her a true beacon of inspiration within our organization. We are incredibly fortunate to have Anna as part of our team, and we look forward to her continued impact and achievements at NRI. 



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