NRI 3PL • Partnership • OluKai • 6RS (301)

Olukai believes that everybody, no matter where they are, can Live Aloha. The growing brand set out to create footwear that combines durability for the ocean lifestyle and values rooted in style, comfort and hasn’t looked back since. At NRI, we pride ourselves on staying at the forefront of the technology industry and immediately saw areas for improvement. Because OluKai was struggling to fulfill both retail and direct-to-consumers, it was important to meet the growing needs of an expanding retail business. As a result, NRI leveraged 6RS to balance replenishment and fulfillment. Olukai’s commitment to spreading the spirit of Aloha transcends borders, making it accessible to all. Their footwear blends durability for ocean living with a style and comfort that resonates globally. At NRI, we recognized the potential for improvement, especially in managing Olukai’s retail and direct-to-consumer demands. Leveraging 6RS, we streamlined replenishment and fulfillment processes, ensuring seamless growth for their expanding retail business. This partnership reflects our shared dedication to innovation and customer satisfaction, further solidifying Olukai’s position as a leader in lifestyle footwear.

Our collaboration with Olukai underscores our commitment to technological advancement and customer-centric solutions. By integrating 6RS, we optimized inventory management, enhancing Olukai’s ability to meet evolving market demands. This strategic approach not only bolstered their retail presence but also empowered direct-to-consumer initiatives, fostering deeper connections with their audience. Together, we continue to navigate the dynamic landscape of the footwear industry, driven by a mutual passion for excellence and authenticity.

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