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Designing from Inspiration, Built for Adventure

Flylow, born from the vision of two avid skiers, Greg Steen and Dan Abrams, redefined mountain gear by addressing a gap they personally encountered. As native Coloradans and long-time friends, they sought ski pants that could endure the rigors of backcountry skiing, blending functionality, style, and durability. Displeased with the prevailing choices that prioritized either technical performance or aesthetics, they embarked on a mission to craft gear that excelled in both realms. This aspiration crystallized during a chance encounter with a French girl on the slopes who coined their company name – Flylow, a testament to their pursuit of graceful, fast-paced skiing. 

In 2005, Flylow debuted its pioneering products, such as the rugged Cactus Pant and the aptly named Black Coat. Embraced by a passionate community of skiers who appreciated their no-nonsense commitment to quality, Greg and Dan refined their offerings through constant dialogue with users. Over time, they expanded beyond skiing, introducing gear for various outdoor pursuits. Through the years, the duo’s dedication remained unwavering, epitomizing the brand’s ethos: crafting gear they and their friends would love, while encouraging freedom and adventure. 

Designing from Inspiration, Built for Adventure 

Flylow’s approach to innovation stems from their real-life experiences in the mountains. Whether on a track or a trail, ideas for new products arise organically. Their design process starts from scratch, collaborating with athletes and technical experts to develop fabrics and features that enhance performance. Prototypes are rigorously tested in demanding conditions, and user feedback drives iterative improvements. This intimate partnership with the outdoors and their community sets Flylow apart, culminating in award-winning men’s and women’s outerwear, apparel, and accessories tailored for all seasons of mountain exploration. 

Sustainability: Crafting Responsibility for the Earth 

Flylow’s commitment extends beyond performance to sustainability. Rooted in a desire to make a positive impact, the brand adheres to mindful practices throughout its supply chain. Their focus on environmentally friendly materials, such as post-consumer recycled fabrics and cruelty-free down insulation, underscores their dedication to minimizing harm to the planet. By choosing partners that uphold high safety and environmental standards, using PFC-free durable water repellents, and implementing innovative solutions like antimicrobial treatments, Flylow demonstrates its proactive stance on responsible production. 

The Good Lab: Giving Back and Empowering Communities 

Flylow’s spirit finds expression through The Good Lab, a program that collaborates with non-profit and community organizations. This initiative enables these groups to design, manufacture, and sell custom products, with proceeds directly benefiting their respective causes. By actively participating in trail-building projects, contributing to wildland preservation, and donating gear to non-profits, Flylow weaves philanthropy into the fabric of its brand, fostering meaningful connections within the outdoor community. 

Flylow’s journey remains rooted in the mountains. With sustainability at its core and a commitment to giving back, Flylow continues to evolve as a symbol of innovation and responsibility in the outdoor industry. As a valued client of NRI, their story resonates with our mission to support and collaborate with brands that share our commitment to excellence and positive impact.

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