Launching Our Latest USA Fulfillment Center


Here’s the deal…
It’s an exciting time with the opening of NRI’s latest geographical node.

NRI’s ninth and newest distribution center in the USA is now operational, marking a significant expansion of our nationwide presence by over 300,000 square feet. This latest addition to Henderson, Nevada, brings our total North American footprint to eight geographies across the USA and Canada, encompassing a vast 2.4 million square feet. 

The choice of Henderson, Nevada, as our latest distribution hub is a strategic decision driven by its unique advantages within the US distribution landscape. Positioned at the heart of the western region, Henderson offers unparalleled access to major markets such as Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Phoenix, further enhanced by the city’s exceptional logistics infrastructure, encompassing well-connected highways and efficient distribution networks. Henderson is one of the fastest growing cities in Nevada, which is one of the fastest growing states in the nation. Drawing from a population of 2.3 million in the Las Vegas metro, Henderson provides a large pool of skilled and semi-skilled labor. The abundant and dynamic workforce can efficiently handle the demands of warehousing, distribution, and transportation, while enhancing the city’s strategic position as a key logistical node.

Our success is deeply rooted in our ability to adapt and evolve in response to our clients’ evolving needs. This expansion underscores NRI’s unwavering commitment to meeting the ever-growing demands of the market. Henderson’s diverse workforce and robust support for innovation and entrepreneurship make it an attractive location for us to attract top talent and foster collaborative growth. We are confident that our expansion into Nevada will not only benefit the beloved brands we serve but also contribute significantly to the ongoing economic development of the region.

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