Solutions and Support for Global Brands Selling in North America


In a world where global markets are more connected than ever, expanding your business’s reach across borders is an essential strategy. For years, we at NRI 3PL have been at the forefront of international business, providing unparalleled opportunities for brands to seamlessly tap into the North American market without the complexities of setting up overseas operations. 

Global Expansion in Action 

NRI has always been dedicated to optimizing fulfillment and to helping brands scale. We are experts in leveraging our extensive experience, expertise, and network to help international brands make their mark successfully, and long-term, in North America. Through our network of 18 strategically positioned distribution centers spanning from the western coasts of Canada to the eastern shores of the United States, we offer a robust logistical infrastructure that ensures the swift and smooth delivery of your products to North American consumers. 

Our approach is rooted in collaboration. While your brand focuses on design, development, and marketing of exceptional products; we take charge of the intricate logistics spanning the North American continent. We additionally build your connections with other essential partners such as legal, finance, sales, brokerage, and more. Regardless of whether your headquarters are in Europe, Australia, New Zealand, or anywhere else, we seamlessly integrate with your operations – ensuring a consistent level of excellence that your customers expect. 

Scale Your Business Faster 

NRI’s unique approach to fulfillment empowers growing brands to reach new markets faster, meet demand with ease, and thrive in a competitive space.  

  1. Assistance with navigating and leveraging various international trade rulings, import regulations, valuation, and more to ensure costs are minimized
  2. Experts in Section 321 fulfillment – a strategy that can eliminate US import duties 
  3. Optimized freight solutions across multiple national and regional carriers – providing both cost and service excellence  
  4. Powerful e-commerce and enterprise integrations with countless ERPs and webcarts.   
  5. Four corners geographical strategy to ensure inventory is best placed to reach your customers 
  6. In-country returns management and refurbishment 

Let us help you grow successfully in the North American market. Together we can navigate the intricacies of North American distribution – delivering your products to eager customers while your business grows. Contact our experts today.

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