Loop is a trailblazer in creating positive post-purchase experiences. Their innovative approach optimizes return costs, offering creative solutions to save time and money at every touchpoint of the returns experience. What sets Loop apart is its commitment to approaching challenges with a human touch, aligning seamlessly with NRI’s values. 



At NRI, we are experts in outbound fulfillment and the reverse – processing returned items, refurbishing, and restocking. When it comes to the consumer point-of-return process, Loop sets the standard. Our shared clients get the best innovation as soon as it hits the market. This joint force of NRI and Loop revolutionizes the return experience for our clients. Loop empowers NRI to better serve our clients by automating the entire return process, including exchanges. With Loop, our client experience team gains a comprehensive view of customer returns, exchanges, and shipping statuses, enabling faster issue resolution. 

Loop ensures convenient returns experiences for our clients, seamlessly integrating with our technology. The partnership allows our clients to save on shipping costs and keep operations running smoothly. By making returns smarter, easier, and more manageable, Loop aligns perfectly with our commitment to client satisfaction. 

Loop facilitates faster inventory returns, reducing processing time and optimizing our services. This efficiency allows us to concentrate on product handling and client support, and further enhance the overall customer experience. Shoppers today desire easy returns, and together, we deliver on this expectation seamlessly. 

Loop’s commitment to eco-friendly, sustainable returns resonates with NRI’s trajectory toward becoming a Certified B Corp company. As we collaborate with numerous sustainable-forward brands, Loop’s sustainable practices align perfectly with our shared values. 

“Loop’s human-centric approach aligns seamlessly with NRI’s values, fostering an enjoyable collaboration. Together, we delve into problem-solving with dedication, ensuring effective solutions for our clients.”  

Ryan Dale-Johnson, VP Business Development



Common Goals, Shared Success 

Together, we work to enhance our shared clients’ logistical goals, enabling them to focus on business growth and providing products that consumers love. Strong partnership means faster response times, and collaboration amongst our teams so that our brands don’t have to play middleman. Returns are not viewed as a cost center but as a valuable customer interaction. Many of our clients leverage returns with Loop to drive exchanges and repeat purchases, creating a cycle that better serves their customers. 

“We’re thankful for our partnership with NRI because together we’re able to drastically improve both the digital and physical return experiences for our mutual merchants. Reverse logistics has always been a cost center for the industry, but through improved visibility, operations, and intelligence, we can optimize it and greatly improve margins.”  

 Chris Long, Loop CTO 

With multiple shared clients, the NRI Loop partnership has evolved into a robust force, reshaping the landscape of returns management and setting new standards. Together, we’ve transformed the returns process, turning it into a strategic advantage for our clients. As we continue to grow and innovate, NRI and Loop are committed to making returns an integral part of the customer journey. Book a demo with Loop today!

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