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At NRI, we strive to be disciplined yet flexible with how we support and service our Client’s physical space and subsequent fulfillment needs. Our strategy in selecting region, size, and fixtures within facilities strengthens us in this. NRI believe in being an accelerant for growth so this is a critical area of focus for us. We have numerous success stories of incubating small start-ups and facilitating their scale into significant, multi-region operations. This would not be achievable without a successful facilities plan.

In NRI’s early beginnings we were frequently asked to expand beyond our existing facility footprint to handle fulfillment in new regions. We have always taken the approach that timing and selection of facilities must allow us to add value to our Client base and guarantee us to be able to provide the service they have come to expect. Our fixturing within each facility is intended and designed to allow for growth and evolution in the carrying inventories of our partners. When opening our newest facility, we planned for coverage on both ends of the spectrum in pick-face allowance and dense bulk storage – while allowing for ease of access to all products.

With this flexibility in storage options, we can support our Client’s growth strategies as they pertain to inventory and fulfillment, provide coaching and consultation where applicable, and ultimately partner to ensure that the best path forward is travelled. NRI commits to partnering with aspirational brands that have great ideas and owns being a key element within their success.