Nominal stands out as a brand that goes beyond adornment; it’s a celebration of individuality, pride, and self-love. Nominal was born from an appreciation for the diverse facets that shape their identities.  

In 2018, founders Akram Abdallah and Lena Sarsour set out to create tangible representations of the inner and outer layers of personal identity. The journey began with a dream and a few necklace styles that later expanded into a collection of necklaces. Nominal became the chosen name and mission, symbolizing a commitment to representing not just who we are but who we aspire to become. 

Inspired by the poetic nature of the Arabic language, Nominal’s jewelry transcends cultural boundaries. It incorporates words and phrases that carry weight, fostering a sense of connection among people of different backgrounds worldwide. The brand’s pieces, adorned with affirmations like “patience,” “love,” and “trust,” serve as daily reminders to strive for the best version of oneself. 

Nominal began its search for an outsourced fulfillment partner with the awareness that they were unable to scale its self-managed processes, particularly following larger sales events. They additionally recognized that a great 3PL partner would be able to bring them immediate improvements in inventory controls and freight costs.  

NRI recognized the intricacies required for handling fine jewelry. It requires a keen understanding of the finer nuances involved in handling each unique product. As NRI’s inaugural full jewelry partner, Nominal presented a distinctive challenge that required us to fine-tune our conventional approaches in racking, storage, and other logistical aspects. This adjustment was crucial given the delicate and diminutive nature of Nominal’s offerings. 

NRI seeks client partners who share a value alignment. Nominal’s commitment to making a positive impact that extends beyond the realm of fashion was an immediate highlight. Since 2019, the brand has run the ‘Deed of the Month’ campaign, a monthly initiative where a portion of every order goes towards supporting various causes. The goal is to transform the act of purchasing jewelry into a meaningful contribution to the greater good.  

From origins in a small spare bedroom in Phoenix, Arizona to global reach today, Nominal is not just a jewelry brand; it’s a movement fueled by a community of individuals who believe in making a positive change in the world. 

We’re honored to aid in Nominal’s duty of putting smiles on the faces of those who order and, more importantly, on the faces of those in need. Nominal is proving that fashion can be a force for good, one order at a time.

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