For nearly three decades 686 has been developing, testing and engineering the best snow performance apparel. As an independently operating brand, 686 strives to create innovative experiences and sustainable communities with the products to match.

In 2003, 686 was looking to expand distribution into Canada using a direct sell model after many years of unsuccessfully trying to sell through a distributor. After finding immediate success in Canada and tripling their growth rate, a Vancouver retailer suggested partnering with NRI, and thus the 20-year relationship was born.  

Over the decades NRI and 686 have tackled many challenges and innovations together. Beyond full domestic Canadian fulfillment, 686 uses the 321 import rules to ship apparel from Canada to the U.S. on the quickly growing Everywear line – reducing or eliminating U.S. duty expenses. In order to successfully do this 686 needed more than just a good warehouse. Our team guided 686 through the entire logistical process including customs reporting, carrier selection, and duty draw back; saving the brand financially considering the high duty rates on apparel. This innovation allowed 686 to stay on the forefront of ecommerce logistics.

NRI provides 686 with full 3PL services in Canada for both wholesale and ecommerce, inclusive of reverse logistics. In addition, expanded U.S. support through Section 321 shipping as well as domestic U.S. support to supplement their fulfillment operations in their home market. Servicing as a supplementary U.S. fulfillment solution has 686 to free up critical space and focus on growing their brand. These specialized results reach into every corner of the 686 business to drive continuous improvement, resulting in years of client satisfaction. “NRI nailed it the first year we were with them, and I knew immediately that they had a customer for life. Luckily for us they keep innovating which reassures us we made the right decision.” Michael Akira West – Owner, 686

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