BN3TH is a men’s underwear and first-layer brand based in Vancouver, British Columbia. The company was founded in 2011 under the brand name MyPakage but changed its name to BN3TH in 2018. The brand DNA stemmed from the idea that no one performs at their best when they’re adjusting or uncomfortable, or even worse; sweating. BN3TH was the first to create underwear with a three-dimensional pouch for a uniquely supportive fit. Over time, BN3TH became a leading supplier of underwear and has now expanded to a full range of apparel for every customer, occasion, climate and style.  

BN3TH’s early success had them seeking a scalable fulfillment solution that would support their growth and allow them to better serve their customers. They wanted not only a 3PL that would drive increased productivity, but also share similar values and embrace a symbiotic partnership. In 2013 BN3TH turned to NRI for help – looking for a solution close to their homebase in Vancouver. In Surrey, BC, NRI implemented an omni-channel integration to automate order submissions and inventory status – providing efficient fulfillment of both ecommerce and wholesale channels.  

“I’m wearing BN3TH right now! In fact, many of us likely are. NRI and BN3TH have operated as teammates for almost a decade. The relationship between our teams is always collaborative and positive. We are stoked to be key in helping them achieve the success they have.” Ryan Dale-Johnson, VP Sales

NRI helped position BN3TH with a natural fulfillment rollout. In addition to providing customers with a shorter fulfillment wait time, NRI implemented a more efficient order turnaround time that allows BN3TH to send orders more often, decreasing delivery times to customers. Fast forwarding, NRI now additionally provides a second solution for BN3TH in Los Angeles – helping the brand access their key markets in both Canada and the US.

When asked what his favorite aspect of NRI is, Chad Nehring, Operational Excellence Manager said, “As an expert in our industry, NRI knows this business. Their success in the extreme sports and apparel space brings great value to our supply chain, because in most cases, they’re already working with retailers and suppliers that we are – it makes integration much more seamless than if we were to try and build up these relationships from scratch. NRI brings an in-depth understanding of vendor requirements, which takes a big weight off our shoulders.”

Additionally, BN3TH also appreciates the ease of collaboration and partnership. NRI and BN3TH work as a team adjusting product packaging, sustainability measures, and keeping in touch with the physical supply chain. BN3TH finds the NRI solution integral to their business, enabling them to focus on growing their brand and further increasing customer success.

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