Wildfang, an apparel company, was founded in a studio apartment in Portland, OR. Driven by a passion to challenge gender norms in the fashion industry, Wildfang seeks to redefine fashion by embracing the masculine, the feminine, and everything in between. They aim to address the outdated gender norms that restrict self-expression. 

In 2022 Wildfang became part of the NRI family, marking the beginning of an exciting partnership. Our shared vision of promoting gender equality and empowering individuals led us to join forces. We acknowledge Wildfang’s brand potential and are committed to supporting their mission. Our aim is to amplify their impact and drive positive change in the fashion industry. 

Since its inception, Wildfang has made significant strides in rewriting gender norms. Through our partnership, we are reinforcing their commitment to inclusivity and sustainability. Wildfang has donated over $750k to various charitable causes and implemented greener practices, earning the Climate Neutral Certification. Additionally, they dedicate at least 1% of annual revenue to organizations working towards meaningful change. 

Together, Wildfang and NRI are embarking on a journey to challenge gender roles, promote diversity, and support social justice causes. We draw inspiration from one another and are excited about the future of this partnership and the positive change we can create together.