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Advancing diversity, inclusion, and belonging

In a world that thrives on diversity and inclusion, we recognize the profound significance of a robust culture. At NRI, we embrace the celebration of a wide variety of backgrounds, cultures, and lifestyles. We believe that by fostering inclusivity, we unlock the potential for profound growth and collective progress. We strive to provide a platform for every voice within our organization to express their experiences in a safe and inclusive environment that fosters open dialogue and encourages diverse perspectives. 

The Infinite Value of Diverse Perspectives 

At NRI, we understand that the tapestry of human experience encompasses myriad perspectives. By opening our hearts and minds to this diversity, we gain infinite value. Each individual viewpoint offers a unique vantage point, allowing us to navigate the complexities of our world with greater depth and understanding. Through the celebration of diversity, we empower ourselves with a multitude of viewpoints, opinions, and approaches to problem-solving. It is within this richness of human experience that we can push the boundaries of innovation and create a more harmonious, equitable future for all. 

By cultivating an environment that treasures and encourages the participation of individuals from all walks of life, we foster a vibrant ecosystem of collaboration at NRI. Here, the collective wisdom of the many surpasses the limitations of the few. The convergence of varied talents, skills, and perspectives becomes the catalyst for societal progress and meaningful change. Our commitment to inclusivity allows us to tap into the full potential of our diverse workforce, unlocking new possibilities and driving innovation. 

 “NRI strives to support and demonstrate our values of diversity and inclusiveness. This can’t be done with simple statements but must be demonstrated by actions, not only be leaders but by all members of the NR family, not just special occasions but in our daily lives.”  –Bruce Churchill, CFO & Co-founder 

Unity in the Mosaic of Differences 

At NRI, we firmly believe that our unity lies in our differences. The journey toward a brighter future calls for an unwavering commitment to fostering an atmosphere where every person feels valued, respected, and embraced for their unique contributions. By deliberately practicing inclusion, we collectively build a society that is not only just and compassionate but also an incubator for creativity, empathy, and understanding. NRI Speaks serves as a symbolic testament to our dedication to amplifying diverse voices and honoring the mosaic of human experiences that shape our organization. 


With NRI Speaks, we embark on a journey of collective enlightenment. By providing a platform for individuals to express their experiences, we create a space where everyone can contribute freely. Regardless of their role or background, every member of our team has the opportunity to shape our company culture and contribute to the social dialogue within our organization. Through NRI Speaks, we embrace the transformative power of open dialogue, paving the way for personal growth, introspection, and a deeper understanding of one another. 

At NRI, we recognize that embracing diversity and inclusion is not just a necessary step towards progress, but also a profound philosophical endeavor. NRI Speaks represents our commitment to fostering an environment where every voice is heard, valued, and respected. By celebrating the mosaic of human experiences, we create an atmosphere that promotes collaboration, enlightenment, and collective growth. Together, let’s create a safe space to embrace diversity and make a positive impact, both within our organization and in the world beyond.

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