We understand our clients’ constant search for competitive advantages to meet the needs of their customers. In addition to our standard fulfillment solutions, we offer a variety of value-added services (VAS) so we can serve as your all-in-one fulfillment solution. NRI is known for our ability to provide flexible solutions to all our clients. Whether it’s a customized report, pre-ticketing, kitting projects, quality assessment, and more – we work with our clients to provide easy solutions to any challenges. Let’s take a closer look at some of the value-added services NRI provides. 


Pre-ticketing is a valuable practice that significantly benefits the flow of goods through the supply chain, while also meeting the requirements set forth by many major retailers. By applying retailers’ tickets (tags) prior to shipping, our team ensures a more efficient receiving process by the retailer, which means your product is on display and ready to sell quicker. This service is often a requirement when shipping to major retailers. With pre-ticketing, your products arrive at their destination ready for display, boosting brand visibility and making a positive impression on customers. Our commitment to this streamlined approach will help your brand stand out in the competitive marketplace. 


Kitting projects involve the process of gathering and combining multiple items to create a customized package or product. Whether it’s bundling promotional materials, creating subscription boxes, or assembling product sets; kitting ensures a fast and accurate shipping experience. Our proprietary WMS is capable of managing Kit SKUs that define multiple component SKUs to complete the kit. Our dedicated team carefully selects and organizes the components, ensuring that each package is complete, well-presented, and ready for swift delivery. By leveraging kitting services, your brand can source from multiple vendors and combine locally – providing a seamless unboxing experience that leaves a lasting impression on your customers. 

Quality Assessment 

At NRI we provide quality control product inspections to ensure your brand is at the top of its game and ready to hit the doorsteps of your customers. This may include checking measures or dye-lot accuracy of sewn goods, general quality of manufacture, or product performance. We help clients ensure that the product reaching their customers is of the standard they expect to deliver. 


Outside of pre-ticketing for retailer compliance, there are other possible needs for tagging services.  If goods arrive from a vendor without the expected UPC attached, we can apply those at receiving so that goods go into stock appropriately and are ready to pick. If you are successful in opening up new countries for sales and require tagging with new language tags, we can help ensure compliance with labeling requirements and regulations. 

VAS can transform the success of your business by meeting compliance requirements and increasing the quality of the customer experience. Having a 3PL that can go beyond the basics and provide a menu of flexible services is paramount to helping you open new sales channels effectively and efficiently. NRI offers a comprehensive suite of value-added services so your brand can focus on growing. Talk to us today to see how VAS can up the logistics game!

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