Behind the Partnership 

In the intricacies of the fashion apparel and footwear industry, SYNC stands out as a beacon of innovation. As an ERP & PLM software system designed specifically for the fashion apparel and footwear industry, SYNC is designed as an end-to-end solution for apparel. Trusted by 350+ brands, SYNC is known for its technical support of brands’ entire lifecycles.  

Sync develops, implements & supports systems across in North America, Africa, Europe & Australia. Together, our global presence allows us to provide the best support to our clients by enhancing visibility, reducing manual processes, and streamlining fulfillment. 


Better Together

The collaboration between NRI and Sync has proven to be a pivotal factor in the success of our shared clients. With our collective expertise and synchronized efforts, we have addressed the unique challenges of data management in the fashion apparel and footwear industry. The integration of Sync’s ERP & PLM software into our systems has not only streamlined operations but has also enhanced visibility, enabling our clients to make informed decisions for their growing businesses. With almost 50 years of combined experience, our teams support a shared value of data quality and visibility in the quest to perform at peak.  


The Results  

Sync’s apparel-specific ERP has empowered our clients to adeptly manage orders, inventory, and fulfillment. Sync’s additional upstream components of their PLM give NRI the confidence that brands are receiving full support in their planning journey. With the help of our technology integrations, Sync has tailored solutions to enhance efficiency and effectiveness for our select partnered clients. 

Sync has helped our clients reduce the time required to create styles and process orders while simultaneously increasing accuracy. Our partnership has made it possible for brands to maximize inventory availability for both wholesale and e-commerce channels. Our aligned apparel-specific approach allows our clients to scale effectively and efficiently, supporting continued growth and success.




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