Section 321 Fulfillment Services

NRI’s fulfillment services are reshaping the landscape for brands seeking to capitalize on Section 321 – using a strategy of entry at the Canada-U.S. border. Section 321 presents a golden opportunity for businesses; allowing them to import goods into the U.S. duty-free if retail value remains below $800. This becomes particularly significant when considering that duties often form a substantial portion of product costs. By leveraging NRI’s Canadian facilities, brands can capitalize on Section 321; eliminating duties and significantly improving profit margins. 

Geographical Proximity Matters
For over 25 years, our Canadian roots have strategically positioned fulfillment centers in Vancouver, Kamloops, Toronto, and Montreal. The geographical proximity of these facilities to multiple points of entry along the U.S. border from west to east is a key factor that sets Canada apart from other options, such as Mexico. The multiple options along the border with the U.S. translates to improved geographic dispersion, faster transportation, shorter transit times, and a more agile supply chain – providing a competitive edge for businesses utilizing Section 321. 

Reduced Shipping Costs and Times 

One of the standout advantages of partnering with NRI is the ability to reduce shipping costs and delivery times. Brands can ship goods in bulk to our Canadian facilities and then distribute smaller shipments to U.S. customers, leveraging the Section 321 exemption. This strategic approach not only optimizes costs but also ensures timely delivery, a crucial factor in customer satisfaction. 

Expanding Horizons
Beyond the cost-savings through Section 321, Canada also serves as a gateway for brands to access new markets and customers. Our strategic positioning in Canada allows businesses to extend their reach to a new network of consumers – those with spending habits and brand affinities parallel to the USA. Unlike Mexico, where consumer preferences may not align, Canada offers a receptive market eager for diverse products. Most brands who commit to Canada as a market see sales equal to an average of 15% of their US sales – a great extra bit of revenue! Our integration with the Canadian market ensures that brands can tap into the vast consumer base and foster relationships. By venturing into Canada, businesses not only diversify their customer base but also position themselves for sustained success in a new market.  

Security and Risk Mitigation
By basing operations across the Canadian side of the U.S. border, NRI helps brands mitigate risks associated with supply chain disruptions, political changes, or unforeseen events. Canada is often viewed more favorably by lenders than Mexico is – something to consider when determining where your inventory is held. The Canada-U.S. approach ensures resilience; providing brands with a safeguard against potential challenges that may arise in a rapidly changing global landscape. 

Expertise in Cross-Border Logistics 

Shipping product between Canada and the U.S. can be complex due to different rules and paperwork. NRI’s cross-border expertise – in practice since 1997 – shines through seamlessly. From customs clearance to documentation and compliance with Section 321, our decades of proficiency ensure a smooth process, saving businesses valuable time and resources. 

Savings Without Compromise
NRI’s distinctive commitment to client success is exemplified through our cost savings commitment. This approach fosters transparency and assures our partners that they retain the entirety of their cost reductions through Section 321. We do not ask for a portion or gain-share of any savings, and our fulfillment costs have no surcharges for international shipment preparation under Section 321. Our dedication to preserving the full spectrum of savings empowers brands to maximize margins and invest in future growth. Our better together philosophy positions NRI as a reliable partner, dedicated to helping our partners grow. 

Smooth Deliveries AND Returns with NRI’s Network
Our extensive network of 18 strategically positioned distribution centers, spanning from the western coasts of Canada to the eastern shores of the United States, ensures a robust logistical infrastructure. This network guarantees the swift and smooth delivery of products to North American consumers AND provides a domestic U.S. warehouse solution for managing returns – key in a successful ecommerce strategy.  Our Canada-U.S. combination further enhances the quality of NRI’s Section 321 fulfillment services.  

As more businesses become aware of the advantages of Section 321 fulfillment into the U.S., the choice between Canada and Mexico becomes pivotal. NRI stands out as a leader in the field – offering not just geographical proximity but a comprehensive solution that includes new market sales opportunities, risk mitigation, returns solutions, years of cross-border expertise, reduced shipping costs, and the invaluable Section 321 duty-free advantage. With NRI, brands can scale faster, increase efficiency, and unlock growth opportunities in the competitive world of e-commerce. 


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