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Elevating the E-commerce Experience

In today’s world of e-commerce, fast and reliable shipping is the everyday norm. Customers want their orders to arrive quickly, and any delay can cause them to lose trust in the retailer. In 2023, nearly half of customers expect to receive their order within 1-2 days of placing their order, and the pressure is on all parts of the supply chain to deliver on these expectations. At NRI, we’re constantly striving to improve our processes to meet these demands. 

At NRI, we understand the importance of fast shipping times. Our approach focuses on: 

  • Service Level Agreements (SLAs): Our top priority is processing orders swiftly in the warehouse. We recognize that express freight or having a warehouse closer to customers is meaningless if it takes 10 days to pick and ship an order. Our goal at NRI is to achieve a 24-hour or less turnaround time on all e-commerce orders, and in many cases, we strive for same-day processing. 
  • Strategic Carrier Selection: We ensure the selection of the best shipping solutions by leveraging numerous carriers. Through effective carrier diversification, the utilization of an advanced Transportation Management System, and strategic geographic positioning, NRI continues to deliver efficient and cost-effective solutions that meet the ever-growing demands of the e-commerce industry. 
  • 4 Corners Strategy: At NRI, we have developed a “4 Corners” strategy with facilities located in Canada and the USA on both the east and west coasts of each country. This strategic approach allows us to help you place inventory in facilities closest to your customers, reducing shipping times and increasing customer satisfaction.   

Our fast and reliable shipping commitment provides fast solutions for today’s e-commerce customers. We strive to exceed these expectations through SLAs, strategic carrier selection, and our “4 Corners” strategy. In addition, we are excited to announce our upcoming expansion in Henderson, Nevada! This expansion will further enhance our coverage and capabilities to serve clients across the U.S. and Canada.  

An additional benefit NRI is able to offer due to our Canadian presence is leveraging the opportunity of Section 321. This provision allows companies to import goods into the USA duty-free, as long as the retail value is below $800. By taking advantage of this program and placing your USA-destined e-commerce inventory in our Canadian facilities, you can save significantly on duties and improve your margins. If you have a heavy east-coast USA customer base, consider placement of inventory in either our Toronto or Montreal facility for example.  This could help you reach your customers quicker than from the west coast AND avoid US import duties altogether. 

At NRI, we’re committed to helping our clients succeed. Our scalable solutions are designed to help you increase your business, maintain customer satisfaction, and build lasting relationships. 

If you’re interested in learning more about how NRI can help you reduce shipping times and improve your e-commerce operations, contact us today.

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