As the situation in Ukraine continues to change, the need to support refugees continues to grow. NRI employees, clients, and fellow logistics companies recently came together in hopes of making a small difference in the lives of those affected by the war. NRI is pleased to share how its clients are sharing incredible generosity and raising donations for humanitarian relief to help the refugees of Ukraine.

As an apparel-focused 3PL, NRI worked with our clients to source much-needed clothing that would help Ukrainian refugees get settled into Canada. Many of our clients have rallied together to quickly react to the evolving situation-from donating apparel items to volunteering time on the ground in Canadian receiving areas. BN3TH and Berne are two clients of NRI who jointly contributed a variety of men’s underwear and outerwear to make sure the refugees were properly outfitted.

Working with A52, a fellow 3PL in the area, the teams gathered apparel and donated the items to the Golden Ears United Church, which is providing food and other services to refugees. All donations benefited Ukrainian refugees in Maple Ridge, BC, and were channeled through the Meadow Ridge Foundation. The Meadow-Ridge Rotary Club continues to work with other charity organizations in the greater Vancouver area, such as the Slavic Baptist Church in Vancouver, which disperses donations as well.

We are grateful to work with brands that align with our values and are committed to improving the lives of others.