NRI’s approach to business is one that continues to set us apart, and that approach begins with how strongly we value relationships. We believe that investing in and having fair, quality relationships with those we interact with is always the right path. 

We believe that a partnership is greater than two individuals – be those two people or two companies. NRI strives to build the strongest partnering relationships possible – with clients, vendors, and our internal teams – with each of the parties contributing to the mutual successes of the other. We believe honesty and transparency are the foundation of relationships and it speaks to our commitment to integrity both in ourselves and in our partners. 

We want to see every employee achieve their goals. Whether it be internal promotions or educational goals, we provide the resources for our employees to be successful. In investing in the relationships with our employees, we have seen many of our employees grow professionally and personally. We consider ourselves a “learning organization” – giving opportunities to all employees to learn and grow within NRI. 

We cherish our client relationships. We strive to form long-term partnerships with all our clients. To this day we’re still partnered with our first-ever client – they are with us 20+ years later. We carefully select our client partners as those holding like values, where we are both active parties in each other’s strategies. NRI is a company that has built a business that puts people first and carries a strong value-based ethos in all relationships.  

We truly believe that relationships are worth investing in.

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