Traveling from all parts of the globe, the VERSES team recently converged at NRI in Los Angeles for an in-depth look at the inner workings of a distribution center (DC) as well as a chance to see the WAYFINDER spatial picking app in action. This was a momentous occasion for VERSES – marking the first time that many of the VERSES team had been together in person and the first time many of them had been in a DC. The NRI leadership team kicked off the afternoon with some history of the company, some supply chain history, and how our two companies came together to help further improve the experience and productivity of their mobile workers on the DC floor.

With the history lesson complete the team donned their neon safety vests and entered the facility for a site tour to better understand the flow of the DC from receiving to putaway to picking, packing, and shipping (and all the steps in between). At the same time, this was an opportunity for a hands-on experience with WAYFINDER that the VERSES product teams could use to help influence future product design and development. Hearing firsthand how DC operations worked prior to WAYFINDER, and better understanding the impact of WAYFINDER on process and workflow, provided invaluable context to the VERSES team. This site visit also further demonstrated how technology solutions like WAYFINDER help mobile workers achieve their daily goals and equip each individual with the tools to contribute to the overall improvement gains of the DC (productivity, accuracy, and efficiency).

The team at NRI not only acted as tour guides but also answered every question that the VERSES team threw at them and engaged with the VERSES team – not simply as a client – but as a partner focused on reaching new performance milestones with WAYFINDER. To top it all off, the VERSES team was able to see in action the NRI founding values. It is not an exaggeration to say that from the leadership down, these eight values are woven into the fabric of NRI and provide the foundation for their success with their internal teams and clients.

Matt Groom • Sale Enablement Manager @ VERSES

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