Packages and promotions- it’s that time of the year! But it’s also that time of year to take a moment and give thanks for the things we love and the joy they bring us. We asked our team a series of Q4 questions to get in the peak season spirit: 


Will Jordan, VP Client Experience, SoCal, USA 

Anarita Da Silva, Account Executive, Toronto, CAN 

Olivia Mazza, People Experience Coordinator Montreal, CAN 


What are you thankful for? 

WJ: I’m very thankful for my teammates, new partnerships, and nurturing existing ones. 

ADS: I’m thankful that NRI has provided me with such a great community and a work culture that makes me look forward to coming in. 

OM: I’m thankful for being part of an organization that strives to make their staff happy and to continue to improve their methods along the way. NRI is committed to success while looking out for its teams. 


An item on your holiday wish list?  

WJ: Too many to note, a lot of our partners have a lot of cool products out now! 

ADS: These are regulars on my wish list, a Fear of God Essentials Tracksuit or Dr. Martens loafers 😊 

OM: A woman can never have too many bags 😉 A Herschel’s backpack or luggage would be amazing for travel. 


How would you describe the peak season at NRI?  

WJ: Hair straight back, full force, non-stop activity – the appetite for consumption continues to amaze me. 

ADS: Peak season at NRI is like the Superbowl of logistics, everything is very strategic, well-planned and brings everyone together for a successful season. 

OM: It can be overwhelming at times, but the challenge just makes it that much more exhilarating. It feels very rewarding at the end of it when you see how much you and your team have accomplished. 



Black Friday or Cyber Monday?   

WJ: I’d say Giving Tuesday. It’s easy to lose sight of so much need even in our own backyards. Plus, being a data nerd, I get to see all the combined activity metrics from BF and CM! 

ADS: Cyber Monday- in PJs and away from large crowds 😊 

OM: They both give me a reason to shop so how can I not love both! 


What makes you passionate about your job? 

WJ: The constant growth and development opportunities, thinking around or through challenges, and trying to bring the stoke. Through all the years and roles, I’ve never been bored at NRI! 

ADS: Working with our partners and our teams to provide solutions and celebrate our partner’s success. 

OM: I love that every day is different. I am always working on various projects and tasks that constantly keep me busy. I love to help and being part of the People Experience team is all about supporting our team and organization. Even if an employee is asking a small favor or question, I love that I can provide them with the answers they are looking for and make someone’s day a little better. 


Favorite Thanksgiving food? 

WJ: I enjoy a Yorkshire pudding along with the regular turkey and fixings, little gravy in there and you have golden bites of deliciousness. 


OM: I love my sweets. No matter how much I eat I can never say no to pie! 

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