Investing in Our People and Operations

NRI Distribution Employees

Investing in Our People and Operations

One of our core values at NRI is “Relationships Are Worth Investing In”. Whether it be our clients or our team members, we believe that everyone has potential to be great, and we embrace the opportunity to nurture relationships and help bring out the greatness.

NRI has familial approach to supporting our teams. We are adamant about maintaining the highest percentage of full time NRI team members on the floor as possible and have a goal of +90%.  e do not encourage the usage of temporary labor, nor do we use it as a crutch to further profitability. We invest in our staff with tangible benefits, training and development programs, and furthering education.

NRI is a learning organization and embraces continued education with a focus on leadership. We believe that we all have an opportunity to lead at any level within the organization. An outside educator has been heavily engaged at NRI for over 10 years – providing guidance on topics such as Servant Leadership and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), and how these can play a key role in the success of our individuals, our teams, and NRI overall. This individual is now a full-time senior leader at NRI, illustrating our serious commitment to helping our people grow.

Throughout all our departments, we have team members at all levels with multiple years of experience working in the company. This allows them to provide significant experiential learning to others.

Employee experience is important to NRI, and we make decisions based on our values that promote a positive experience. We actively promote from within the organization; 82% of our positions were filled by internal promotions last year! Learning opportunities for our people, such as our Leadership Development Program and LinkedIn Learnings, are essential to the successes of our team members and NRI is happy to provide these tools to develop our them.

We understand that our team members have obligations outside of NRI and are happy to accommodate. We have provided a framework of accountability that allows flexibility and freedom.  We have provided specific part-time shifts to accommodate students and shifts for parents with school-aged children. In 2020, we allowed flexibility to work remotely due to COVID-19, as well as took considerable protective measures to ensure all our warehouse team members were safe on the job.

Our goal is to be a place where people want to come to work, and an organization that our team members are proud to be a part of. As a results-based organization, we understand that meaningful rewards and recognition are a mechanism for motivating employee performance and, as such, we offer our team members a wide range of rewards and recognition programs and employee perks to both promote performance, as well as maintain a positive working environment.


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