Case Study: Aloha Collection


Aloha Collection started in 2013 with two founders, Rachael and Heather. Their vision is to “build an international ‘Ohana, one bag at a time” with their mission being “to encourage travel, adventure, healthy and active lifestyles, and to Share the ALOHA”. Best of all, they donate 5% of profits to a Hawai’i-based conservation organization.

Within the two short years of their founding, the accessories company grew
exponentially. While running their business from their homes in Southern
California, the two co-founders ran out of physical space and sought help
from a 3PL provider. With the desire to continue their travels and test their
products, the co-founders needed a trusted partner to fulfill their orders
accurately and continue to service their customers. They began their partnership with NRI in 2017 and have since seen an 800% growth.

See the full case study here: Aloha Collection Case Study

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