Co-founders Rachael and Heather started ALOHA Collection in 2013 with a vision “To build an international ‘Ohana, one bag at a time.” Within two short years of their founding, the accessories company grew significantly. While running the business from their homes in Southern California, they ran out of physical space and sought help from a 3PL provider. With the desire to continue their travels and test their products, they needed a trusted partner to fulfill their orders accurately and continue to service their customers.

NRI has always been willing to help small brands grow through being consultative and creative to build the best strategy. NRI specifically developed a program that included custom shipping and messaging inclusion to ensure that the brand touch was still felt by its customers, despite fulfillment being outsourced. Additionally, NRI built out a reverse logistics plan to efficiently deal with returns and exchanges.

ALOHA Collection has seen exponential growth in the last five years with NRI, and certainly since their humble beginnings of a 25,000-piece home-based inventory. NRI’s (LA) location continues providing Aloha Collection with custom, scalable logistics solutions required to continuously deliver great products and service to its loyal customers. “A dedicated and reliable partner like NRI enables us to achieve success in sharing ALOHA around the world.” – Heather Aiu • Co-Founder @ ALOHA Collection

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