Meet Will Jordan

25 years ago, Will Jordan began his time at NRI— little did he know it would be a journey marked by dedication, resilience, and countless accomplishments. Will has worn many hats during his time at NRI—14 to be exact. From the early days to the present, Will has embraced each role with enthusiasm, and never a dull moment. Each role has kept him engaged and entertained; reflecting on the rich history and promising future of NRI. One of the most pivotal moments in Will’s journey was relocating along with his family from Canada to the US. This marked not only a professional milestone in overseeing the growth of NRI’s US business but also a profound personal shift. The commitment and resilience displayed by his family during tough times have been a source of inspiration and significant personal and professional growth. 

Having been part of NRI for a quarter-century, Will has seen NRI evolve from the early days to where we are today. “From hitting the first million-order milestone to witnessing it become a regular occurrence symbolizes remarkable growth. I have loved watching business transform from primarily B2B to a dynamic omni-channel model with a substantial D2C focus”. 

For Will, life is fueled by new challenges. He jumps on any opportunity for improvement and collaboration with our brand partners. His advice for colleagues and newcomers is to embrace continuous learning, take ownership of roles, and live in a state of continuous improvement. Being part of NRI is not just a job; it’s a lifestyle choice. 

Will has been a key leader in numerous projects and NRI accomplishments throughout his tenure. However, what makes him proudest is witnessing the success of team members he’s closely worked with, both within NRI and beyond. The vision set by our founders play a crucial role in Will’s enduring commitment to NRI. The journey from a small, intimate group to a workforce in the thousands reflects the foundation laid by our founders. Will considers his contributions to NRI as his life’s work, with a deep sense of responsibility for the company’s success. 

Will was an instrumental part in defining and creating NRI’s values. The values closest to Will are Fairness in Relationships and Relationships are worth investing in. To Will, these values have been guiding principles in navigating the peaks and valleys with partners. He also resonates with the universal applicability of Quality and Accountability in All Actions as a beacon value for all team members. 

A Quarter Century of Excellence

Will is grateful for the last 25 years and is stoked to take on the next 25 with the team. His commitment to continuous improvement aligns with NRI’s growth trajectory, emphasizing the importance of staying connected with partners. With a positive outlook on the future, Will said: “As I capped my first ever company newsletter submission over 20 years ago, I remain ‘NRI ‘TIL I DIE! Here’s to another 25 years of success, growth, and dedication at NRI!” 



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