These are the values that guide our business, our community, and our brand. As NRI continues to evolve and grow, these eight values remain constant. Like what we stand for? Make NRI your everyday.

Respect For Community & Environment
We take sustainability seriously, which is demonstrated through our business practices.

Relationships Are Worth Investing In
NRI’s approach to business is one that continues to set us apart, and that approach begins with how strongly we value relationships. We believe that investing in and having fair, quality relationships with those we interact with is always the right path.

Quality & Accountability In All Actions
We strive to deliver the highest quality in every aspect of our business – from consulting brands to delivering success.

Balance Of Lifestyle & Success
We recognize that work-life balance is an important element of a healthy work environment.

Fairness In All Relationships
Relationships are our lifeblood. We believe we must be fair to not only our team members, but our partners, retailers, community members, suppliers, vendors, and anyone we work with.

Promoting Leadership at All Levels
Successful organizations need leaders at all levels. The culture of leaders developing leaders empowers the entire organization and capitalizes on the full potential of everybody at NRI.

Contributing To & Sharing In The Prosperity
At the center of our work lies our commitment to sharing in prosperity. We are an organization built on transparency so that everyone has a chance to succeed, and to contribute to that success.

Disciplined & Committed, Focus On Results
We devote ourselves entirely to our partners, always looking at building long-term relationships with them. We promote active collaboration and communication across the supply chain industry.

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